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We've scoured film festivals, online web video sites and mountains of film submissions to find the most talented indie filmmakers around the world to screen on our network; from emerging professionals to kids with camcorders if talent shines through we're proud to be getting their work out there, below you can find links to their websites.

AJ Wedding US indie filmmaker that created the gripping short drama Causality.

Christian Grüner the German film director behind the excellent Still Waiting and Lowdown short films.

Coffee Films British independent production company main website.

Crestfallen Productions UK indie short film production company main website.

David Collins Website for Blindsight's New Zealand filmmaker David Collins.

Embra portfolio site for Greed creator Alli Sadegiani in Sweden.

Far Atlantic Pictures The British filmmakers of The Insane on Myspace Film.

Flapwing website for Flapwing and the Last Work of Ezekiel Crumb.

Henrik B Clausen Danish animator of the excellent ETA.

Hum-Drum Films Myspace for the UK production team.

ILC Productions website for the New Zealand based film production company.

Indie Genius Productions US production team that shot Your Mommy Kills Animals

Indie Rights a US indie studio getting independent film into the marketplace.

Khaki Production British production company behind the Broken Signs music video main website.

Last of the Scottish Wildcats Coffee Films' critically acclaimed wildlife documentary on DVD here.

Modern Love Australian Alex Frayne's beautiful horror/thriller, available on DVD here.

Moustachette Patrick Stump's excellent comedy starring Pete Wentz.

PNFA Janitor creator German electronica artist PNFA's site.

Sent Design Janitor artist German designer Michael Noll's website.

Skid Row official site for the US feature film.

Survival of the Wildebeest official site for the US documentary feature film.

Wildlife Media US filmmakers behind the stunning Beartrek.

Your Mommy Kills Animals the DVD is only available from Halo 8

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