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Coffee Shorts is an independent short film channel showing off exceptional indie filmmaking work we've discovered kicking around the web, at short film festivals and from friends of ours. Stuff comes on board by invite only and we try to be picky. There is some focus on narrative dramas, thrillers and experimental short films but you'll also find animation, music videos, documentaries, film trailers and comedy shorts scattered throughout.

We spread the films around a bunch of video websites for people to come across and hopefully spend a little time with, experiencing independent perspectives of the world where the guy doesn't always get the girl, evil sometimes overcomes good and things generally don't follow the same weary film scripts.

Over the years it has developed into a gallery of some of the best things about independent short filmmaking, joined by trailers of some cool stuff happening on the indie feature film scene too. And yeah, the ads are a little unattractive but they pay for everything to stay here and get updated from time to time, as well as providing the filmmakers with occasional beer money, so try not to mind them too much.

Every now and again we add something new and move the short film playlists around so drop back from time to time, tell your friends, hit the obligatory Like and Tweet buttons, spread some independent film love and enjoy your stay.


Steve Piper
Coffee Films

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Coffee Shorts; screening the best independent short films online
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