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The end of Coffee Shorts

We've had a fun few years highlighting short film work from just a few of the best emerging and indie short filmmakers in the world binary option south africa, enjoyed seeing many of them progress to features and professional careers and been pleased to send them a few quid for beers when ad revenue actually brought anything in. Sadly, the fun is over; VOD legislation passed in the UK a few years ago is now being rather widely applied to anyone offering "TV-like" services requiring licensing fees many times what this website produces from ad revenue. We have appealed as we do not feel that we or our short films are "TV-like" or any competition for, say, the BBC, but also decided that this isn't a great time to be running anything like a VOD service from the UK. So, the films will remain until at least the end of 2011 but we won't be adding anything new. We hope you take a little while to browse the pages, watch some cool little films and please enjoy our last posting, an excellent music video for an emerging band Burning Shapes by the founders of this website Coffee Films, it's a lot of fun!

Thanks so much for supporting independent short film through Coffee Shorts!
The Coffee Team x

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You won't find funny cat videos or fat kids dancing here, but you will find festival quality, award winning independent short films; we only invite the best short filmmakers to show their work including narrative drama, thriller, horror and comedy shorts, animation, documentaries, music videos, indie film trailers and experimental film. You can watch every film free of charge and without membership either by browsing the playlists or film collections, and please feel free to post any of our short films or music videos onto your friends, Facebooks, Twitters, Myspaces and blogs; share a little art with the world, and tell it Coffee Shorts sent you.

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